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A July 2009 trip to London by duskmaiden

St. Brides Church Photo, London, England More Photos
Quote: The City of London has a number of fascinating churches from the Norman Saint Bartholomew the great to Wren's light airy churches with their beautiful steeples. I'm aiming to visit as many as possible of them

All Hallows By the Tower

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Attraction | "All Hallows Be Thy Name"

All Hallows By the Tower Photo, London, England
London may seem crowded and expensive but even in the biggest tourist hot spots you can turn a corner into a side street and discover the little known. This is very true of Tower Hill, as right beside the Tower of London is a small church All Hallows by the Tower which pre-dates larger and more famous neighbour by four centuries. This little church may not be overly ornate like some of the Wren City Churches but has a particularity fascination history and houses within its walls a treasure trove of items. All Hallows by the Tower (also known as All Hallows Barking) is a real survivor. The church was founded by Saint Erkanwald and Ethelburga in 675, as a satellite church of the th...Read More

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All Hallows By the Tower
Byward Street
London, England EC3R 5BJ
+44 020 7481 2928

St. Bride's Church

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Attraction | "Saint Brides the Wedding Cake Church"

St. Bride's Church Photo, London, England
Have you ever wondered how the tiered wedding cake came about? Look no further than the distinctive spire of St Brides just off Fleet Street. An 18th century baker William rich used the three tired spire as inspiration in a range of wedding cakes and it has became the standard ever since. However there is so much more to this delightful little church which I often visit to get away from it all. Saint Bride's has a long and interesting history. Named after Saint Bridget, a 5th century Irish saint who turned well water into beer (a nice party trick me thinks and always a welcome guest) there has been at least been seven church buildings on the site since Saxon times. Being on Fleet Stree...Read More

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St. Bride's Church
Fleet Street
+44 20 7427 0133