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Mediterranean Magic of First Time Cruiser

A May 2010 trip to Venice by diminor1929

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Quote: A motley group of 5 (including myself, 2 brothers, brother-in-law and traveling buddy ) took off on a 17 day excursion starting with 2 days in Venice,leaving on the Ruby Princess. I loved Venice and couldnt get enough of the atmosphere and drama of this lovely city.
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This was my first cruise and my 2 brothers and brother-in-law (veteran cruisers) recommended this tour and this ship. Twelve nights in the Mediterranean with an extra day on either end to get to know these cities as well. That means our plane landed in Venice where we were enthusiastically greeted by my brother-in-law's nephew,wife and great niece, who live outside of Venice. How wonderful it was to have someone at the airport to show you how to get our bags, water-taxi, speak Italian, etc... After dropping off bags at the Locando Orseolo(see review) we were escorted by David to a charming lunch spot a few blocks away. It was off the tourist beaten track and as I was still somewhat jet-...Read More

Locanda Orseol

Hotel | "Most Charming Boutique Hotel in Venice"

Locanda Orseol Photo, Venice, Italy
The unbelievably charming Locando Orseola blew my socks off the minute I arrived. First of all, the proprietors, the Peruch family, speak perfect English and make you feel absolutely like a VIP from the moment you enter the door. They simply couldn't do enough for you- from carrying your bags up three flights of stairs to explaining the location of nearby sights and eating establishments. They explained to me that tipping is not a big thing in Italy and not to feel obligated to tip at any time during my stay.This hotel (or B&B) is located in the most exciting part of Venice, just a few steps from San Marco Square. The personal attention and service,as well as the deliciously appoint...Read More

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Locanda Orseol
Corte Zorzi San Marco 1083
Venice, Italy
+39 041 5204827

Gondolas docked waiting for patrons Photo, Venice, Italy
The five of us landed in Venice a day early before we were to embark on the Ruby Princess (Princess Cruise Line) for a 12 day tour of the Mediterannean. Fortunately we were met at the airport by my brother-in-law's nephew and family who live outside Venice. How welcoming it was to have someone who knew the place take us around our first day- it was truly special! I immediately fell head over heels in love with Venice- the canals, the gondolas, the restaurants, the shops, the food, the wine... did I mention the scenery? It was all intoxicating and I was not at all disappointed when the cruise line called and said we would have an EXTRA day in Venice since they were cancelling the stop in Athens the ...Read More