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Trip 2010

A February 2010 trip to Malaysia by manatwork

Quote: First trip 2010.
I went back to Malaysia this year to celebrate Chinese New Year (again). Jack Stanley, a friend and travel buddy, joined me a week later in Kuala Lumpur. Weather seemed to be getting hotter each year. Lucky for us we did not spend too much time in KL this time around. We flew to Yogyakarta with Jeffrey, my brother-in-law for the weekend. Borobudur was quite impressive but as foreign tourists, we had to pay a steep price for admission. Not a good idea if they want to attract foreign tourists to the site. Back in Malaysia, Jeffrey drove us to Betong, a border town in Thailand. There we saw the world's largest post box. We went to Piyamit Tunnel, an area where one of the last hideouts for the Chinese Com...Read More