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To England's End - A Cornish Drive to the Shore...

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A March 2009 trip to Cornwall by Red Mezz

Lands End Photo, Cornwall, England More Photos
Quote: Sunny shores, stunning cliffs, the Southern Point of England, amazing ales and even the occasional palm tree make for a refreshing change of pace and amazing photos in English touring.
It wasn't until I began writing these journals of my time in Cornwall and Devon that I realized just how fundamental the gastronomical aspects of the trip were. Some trips are obviously meant to be garnished with the lovely local foods, but it wasn't until I had spent some time in the southwest of England that I realized that this was one of those trips. Cream tea, much like the real ale and the Cornish pasty is something you will be excitedly encouraged to try by locals pretty much as soon as you arrive. Tell them you've never had a cream tea (and possibly don't know what it is) and you may well be invited right back to rectify this horrible mishap immediately. Or at the very least you w...Read More

The Cornish Pasty Experience

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Cornish pasty Photo, Cornwall, England
While you will be missing out on a key aspect of the Cornish experience if you don't sample some of the local Real Ales, you will certainly be missing a vital component of any Cornish trip, if you don't spend a great deal of time gorging on the infamous, glorious, Cornish pasty. I should perhaps begin by explaining the pronunciation of the word. I'm sure it looks simple, but you would be astonished by how many uncertain variations make their way to the ordering counter. And though any local Brit will seem utterly confused by the need to clarify - to save you the uncertainty or embarrassment in making this small error, I'll clarify it now.It's pronounced 'paasty. The 'a' is a short v...Read More
Cornwall Photo, Cornwall, England
There are certain things in travel and in the world that are simply made profoundly better by slowing down and enjoying them with whatever the local beverage or culinary delight is. In Cornwall, it's real ales. The term ' real ale' is something you'll hear almost immediately when you arrive in the southwest of England - especially if you know or speak to the locals and ask for advice on where to go and what to do. At some point very early on someone will undoubtedly recommend that you go to a CAMRA pub to sample the brew, or that you must try so-and-so's real ales. It's just a fundamental part of the Cornish experience, and one you should most definitely partake i...Read More

Rame Head

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Attraction | "Perfect Plymouth escape"

Rame Head Photo, Cornwall, England
For anyone visiting or staying in Plymouth, Rame Head is the perfect little Cornish get away for the day, or even just for a stroll out at dusk. Just 3 miles out of the city, this is a fantastic little drive, and actually a great first taster of Cornwall coming from Devon and the city. You can drive North out of Plymouth on the A38 and take the slightly longer way around, but which gives you a nice view into the country side and where you will pass a few little traditional Cornish towns along the way as you wind back down south to the coastal outcropping called Rame Head. Alternately you can take the ferry across to Cremyll from Plymouth, which is a very short trip indeed. The ferry is cheap a...Read More

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Land's End

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Attraction | "England's End - but What an End..."

Land's End Photo, Cornwall, England
Not long after I first moved to Britain (in the far away North of Scotland) I saw photos of Cornwall, and more specifically Land's End and it went almost immediately into my very selective Life's To Do List. And yet - as these things often work - in the 5 years I lived there I never once made it down the coast to the far south of England to see it. It is true that these days it's often cheaper to go abroad than to travel around Britain, and that the weather is often adverse, and that Britain is so perfect a jumping off spot for sight seeing Europe, that you can actually forget just how much is right on your doorstep. So somehow in all those years of travelling to various cor...Read More

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Land's End
B3306 from St. Ives/B3315 fro Penzance
Cornwall, England