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Sumela Monastery Photo, Trabzon, Turkey More Photos
Quote: Two days in Trabzon, approaching the Georgian border, things start to take on a distinctly Soviet feel. Overview of Trabzon, a trip to Sumela monastery and more

Sumela Monastery

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Attraction | "Got a Head for Heights?"

Sumela Monastery Photo, Trabzon, Turkey
Known simply as "Sumela" by international tourists, this ancient monastery complex was one of the highlights of my trip around the Black Sea. Situated about thirty miles south of the city of Trabzon, this magnificent site is one of the most visited attractions in all of Turkey. A monastery was first built there in the second half of the fourth century: The story is that it was founded by two Athenian monks – Barnabas and Sophronius – who had found an icon of the Virgin Mary in a cave and thought a monastery should be founded to house it.There are two theories as to why the monastery was named "Sumela". Sumela means black and the mountains that the monastery stands on are known ...Read More

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Sumela Monastery
Altindere National Park
Trabzon, Turkey

Hotel Anil, Trabzon

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Hotel | "Hotel Anil is Natasha-free"

Unlike other hotels in the vicinity, this one does not seem to have problems with prostitutes; known as ‘natashas’ to the locals because they are mainly from the former Soviet Union (the Georgian border is about an hour away), the women do tend to conduct business in and around this little cluster of hotels between the main square, Ataturk Alani, and the docks. It was for this reason that we went to tourist information to ask for suggestions on a cheap but Natasha-free hotel and were surprised when Hotel Anil was recommended. We were told that the prostitutes were not associated with this hotel and I have to say that in the two nights we spent there, we did not find this to be a problem.Th...Read More

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