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An October 2009 trip to Singapore by jenl

Singapore Flyer  Photo, Singapore City, Singapore More Photos
Quote: Trying to do as much as possible over 4 days in Singapore

Holiday Inn Atrium

Hotel | "Say Yes to the Breakfast"

Holiday Inn Atrium  Photo, Singapore, Asia
The Holiday Inn Atrium is located a little out of the way if you're used to being in the midst of it all. Public transport is about a 20 minute walk away & the nearest food is about 10 min away. Although hop in a cab & you're not far away from shopping or attractions. The room was clean & very standard (nothing special). The lobby is pretty cool looking (see pix) but the absolute best was the breakfast. Yes, the breakfast. Not only can you get omlettes, pancakes, muffins and all the other traditional western foods but they also offer lots of asian foods. Curry? Yep. Miso soup? Yep. Rice? Yep. Steamed buns? Yep. Since it's a buffet, I loved picking up miso &...Read More

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on May 26, 2010

Holiday Inn Atrium
317 Outram Road
Singapore, Asia
+65-6733 0188

the menu Photo, Singapore, Asia
Roaming around Singapore, you'll see signs warning you not to take durian on public transport or in certain buildings. So you may be surprised to learn that durian isn't a weapon or anything dangerous - it's a fruit. Of course it's not just any fruit - but one with a very acquired taste & a very distinct smell. Described as overpowering, offensive, strong, vomit-esque & so on. I wasn't going to try the fruit but my travel companion did. I could feel heat eminating from the dish and agree - vomit is a pretty good description of the smell. My friend didn't make too much of a dent, said it didn't taste very good & then regretted it for a couple hours ...Read More

Singapore Flyer

Attraction | "A Must!"

Singapore Flyer  Photo, Singapore City, Singapore
The Flyer is a big fancy ferris wheel (like the London Eye) but the view is why you go.

And what a view! Sitting along the edge of the water you can see out to sea & all the container ships coming into port plus the city. Definitely one of my favorite things in Singapore.

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on May 17, 2010

Singapore Flyer
30 Raffles Avenue, #01-07
Singapore 039803
+65 6854-5200

Singapore Zoo

Attraction | "The Good & Bad of the Zoo"

Singapore Zoo Photo, Singapore City, Singapore
I'm not a fan of zoos since I always end up feeling really bad for the poor animals & depressed that we humans treat them so badly. We didn't intend on going until so many people said 'you MUST go to the night zoo'. So we went to the zoo - although during the day. There are elements that were very impressive. The orangutan area was the highlight. They're hanging out above your head with nothing separating you from the animals (maybe a net in some areas). This means you should make sure you're not walking directly under the animal - you never know when it needs to pee. It looks like they have a decent amount of space to roam around in too. They were great to see. ...Read More

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on May 17, 2010

Singapore Zoo
80 Mandai Lake Road
Singapore, Singapore 729826
(65) 6269 3411