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My Hermenegildo Experience

A January 2009 trip to Brazil by Montevideana

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Quote: Ten days in Hermenegildo with many unexpected events!


Restaurant | "Looking for Shelter"

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It was in a stormy night that we happened to find shelter in this cozy restaurant. When we entered, we did not know what to expect. We only wanted some comfort after driving a lot in the dark and heavy rain. Another important thing we needed was a TV, because there was an important football match: Uruguay vs. Brazil to qualify for South Africa, 2010! Wow… interesting, ha?! I like football so much that I don’t even remember how the match ended, what I do remember is how delicious the pizza was! The restaurant we chose was specialized in pizzas, in case you don't know, we eat pizzas by metre. Our pizzas are not rounded but rectangular. We asked for a metre of pizzas with many di...Read More

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Rented House in Hermenegildo

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Hotel | "Hermenegildo"

Hermenegildo Photo, Hermenegildo, Brazil
We were looking for somewhere different and cheap to stay during our vacations. We are not really picky about the places we rent; we understand that if we look for price we cannot expect luxury accommodation. As the saying goes: "you get what you pay for".I had been looking for a rental house in Rocha for a long time but I couldn’t get a price that would feet my budget. All houses were 100 dollars a day! I was planning to stay at least 7 days but neither had I 700 dollars to spend in a house… nor more money to dine and live… So, one day a friend mentioned this place, Hermenegildo… I had never heard about that place so I started searching the web. I did not find much information about the ...Read More

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A Horror Film Scene - Hermenegildo

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Hermenegildo Photo, Hermenegildo, Brazil
To get to Hermenegildo you have to cross the Uruguayan border, go along 30 kilometres and then turn right into an unpaved road. After that you have to go along that road for another 30 kilometres; this road was full of wholes and had massive fields along the sides with cattle, horses, sheep… There were no lights along the road (or it even could be called "path") and you had to go along many rustic hand-made bridges. The road was ok, and we didn’t care about it at first… but one evening, after months of drought a storm broke out. Immediately, everything went dark and it started to pour, we decided to leave the house and go to the Uruguayan border to feel safe. We were afraid tha...Read More