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Kuelap--Discovering History in Northern Peru

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Kuelap Fortress and Ruins Photo, Chachapoyas, Peru More Photos
Quote: A trip to the ancient fortress of Kuelap in Northern Peru just whets the appetite for more!

Kuelap Fortress and Ruins

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Kuelap Fortress and Ruins Photo, Chachapoyas, Peru
Anyone traveling to Peru always puts Machu Pichu on his or her "must-see" list—and so they should. But Northern Peru holds some unique remains of a civilization that was PRE-Incan, and equally amazing. In fact, it is believed craftsmen from Kuelap helped construct Peru's entry on the "Wonders of the World" list. But just where and what is Kuelap? High in the Peruvian Andes, the ancient Chachas, a feared and fierce people, defended their cliff tombs and hamlets from around AD800 to the 1470s. Little is known of what transpired during the ensuing hundreds of years following the Spanish conquest and the end of the Incan Empire. In the late 1800s however, a judge hiking from the city of Chachapoya...Read More

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Kuelap Fortress and Ruins
Inca Trail Northern Peru
Chachapoyas, Peru