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Ancient City of Petra Photo, Petra, Jordan More Photos
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Ancient City of Petra

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Ancient City of Petra Photo, Petra, Jordan
When a nomadic tribe, called the Nabataeans, arrived from Arabia almost 2000 years ago, they developed a fortress-like city. They saw a good opportunity and took advantage of the narrow opening in the mountains and taxed passing caravans as well as providing them with a resting stop enroute to trade markets. They got money from merchants both coming and going! Thus, PETRA, also known as "the rose-red city" became very rich. For centuries though, this city hidden in the mountains of south-western Jordan, was lost to the world. Not until 1812 when a young Swiss explorer re-discovered this desert city, did its unique history surface. It is claimed that in about 106A.D. that the city fell under Roman rule...Read More

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Ancient City of Petra
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