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Spring Break 2010 in Cuba

A March 2010 trip to Santa Clara by Rogers57

Barceló Cayo Santa María Photo, Santa Clara, Cuba More Photos
Quote: Our first trip to Cuba!!!. Looking forward to some fun, relaxation on the beaches!!!

Barceló Cayo Santa María

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Hotel | "Barcelo Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba"

Barceló Cayo Santa María Photo, Santa Clara, Cuba
When our travel agent booked us at this resort, we did not know what to expect. Many times others opinions and views slightly differ. This resort is remotely situated in Santa Clara. Upon our arrival at the airport, the buses were waiting to take all visitors to their respective resorts. The drive is approximately two hours. The buses are quite new, has air condition and is quite comfortable. When we arrived at the resort, we were shown where to receive our package of information and to check in. We had to find our rooms on our own, as it was late. That was quite challenging, as we did not know where we were going. The signs were a bit dark to see, luckly we had a flashlight. T...Read More

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Barceló Cayo Santa María
Villa Clara
Santa Clara, Cuba
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