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A May 2005 trip to Okinawa by jenae567

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Quote: Whether you're here to stay or just to visit, here you will find all the hotspots on Okinawa's big island!

Whale Shark Dive


Smile! Photo, Okinawa, Japan
Off the shores of Okinawa lie entirely new adventures for those willing to get wet.Okinawa residents and visitors have access to the rare opportunity to meet firsthand a friend or two of the dinosaurs! Whale Sharks are famous in Okinawa, and they can be found in two places. For those wanting to stay dry, visitors can visit Churaumi Aquarium on the northern part of the island. Those who want to get REALLY up close and personal can spare the drive and head to Yomitan. About a 30 minute boat ride off the coast of Yomitan village, a large netted enclosure is home to 2 or 3 whale sharks. The largest fish in the world, they can grow up to 28 feet in length! However, these grace...Read More

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Kokusai Street

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Attraction | "A Shopper's Delight"

For the shopper who wants everything Okinawa has to offer in one place, Kokusai-dori is the place to go! Located in Naha, the prefecture's capital on the southern tip of the island, Kokusai-dori is Okinawa's "Miracle Mile". Hundreds of shops line both sides of the streets, which attract crowds of tourists and residents alike. Shops vary from the typical souvenir shacks to the trendy upscale brand-clothing stores. Surf and skate brands Quiksilver & Roxy both have retail shops here. If it's music you're looking for, Tower Records can be found as well. Looking for special gifts to send back home? Here you can find a plethora of arts and crafts in a style that is unique to Okinawa. ...Read More

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Kokusai Street
Kokusai-dori, Naha
Okinawa, Japan

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