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From East to West and Back: My California Trip

A travel journal to California by Lyora

Train tracks in Souther Texas Photo, California, United States More Photos
Quote: This journey was planned out for many months: a train ride from North Carolina to Southern California. A family reunion and a trip to Disney Land all on a small budget. Here is the story of the pitfalls and victories of my journey.

Amtrak: And So The Trip Begins

All Aboard on the Amrtak Train Photo, North Carolina, United States
Although a well organized system of transportation, Amtrak actually functions differently based on route, train and location. Generally, stops on the West Coast are far more frequent than stops in the Southern or South Eastern US. Long rides in the South West consist of less stops with longer stops in each city. The West Coast Surf-liner features frequent stops and very short pauses between stops. If you are are boarding the train somewhere between New York and Georgia, it is quite possible that you will only pass 5 to 6 stops per state with a brief pause at each station. This system involves a higher level of attentiveness as arrival times will tend to vary from 20 to 30 minutes on averag...Read More
Train tracks in Souther Texas Photo, California, United States
My plan seemed quite silly to most people. I would take a 4 day long train ride across the US. I was going by myself to meet up with family in California. I would stay in a hostel in New Orleans for a night halfway through my journey. I would only bring carry-on bags and a point-and-shoot camera.Sleeping in coach was not a well conceived plan. Not only do you have to sleep in a chair but you also miss out on some of the other conveniences of a sleeper car such as privacy and meal plans. My packed meals only seemed to last me the first three days. But the forth day I was paying out of pocket for an excellent quality train meal.Having all of my belongings above my head was quite ...Read More

Disneyland: The First of Plans to Change

Disney California Adventure Park

Attraction | "A Brief Visit to Adventure Land"

Disney California Adventure Park Photo, Anaheim, California
This park is know for its reputation of being a let down. Originally meant to contain an exciting boardwalk and boardwalk-style games, the actual "ocean" was under construction when I arrived. As for the Boardwalk games: They resembled cheap attractions at smaller theme parks and I generally avoided that section. Due to its lack in popularity as compared to its sister park Disneyland, it was relatively less crowded. As for the rides: the Monster's Inc. ride broke down right as I got to the park. However, the Tower of Terror ride is always a must-see and I could not go to any Disney park without ridding it at least once! one thing I found pretty amazing was the fact that they aloud you to purchase alco...Read More

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