Mexico Journals

Not So Smooth Sailing to Mexico

A travel journal to Mexico by KristenBentz

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Quote: We jumped onboard another NCL cruise, taking the Star to Mexico! Unloading our luggage at the pier, after an all-night drive from Phoenix, mom called with news hurricane Rick was headed right for us! Determined to have fun, we embarked the Star and proceeded to the bon voyage party!
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When we arrived at the pier in San Pedro, they wouldn't allow us to hand carry our large luggage onboard. I assumed tipping the porter with the rolling cart full of luggage was just polite. After chasing multiple gentlemen around for about 30 minutes while they ignored us to assist tour bus after tour bus, desperate to get on the ship and start our vacation, I threw my body in front of the cart, in the middle of the street, and hoisted my brand new, beautiful, blue, rolling suitcase onto a sea of drab, black bags. It was at this point, the man with the cart glared back at me obviously awaiting his tip. All the while, my sweet, passive aggressive husband nudging me forward whispering, "if y...Read More
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You’ll have to go easy on the photos, it was literally a hurricane. With that said, the "Dolphin Trainer For A Day" at Vallarta Adventures in Puerto Vallarta was one of the most memorable experiences of a lifetime! For animal lovers like us, a day with the the ocean’s biggest clowns could not have been a better choice! The all-day, hands-on experience and behind the scenes education was amazing! Never, in my wildest dreams, did I think I would get to take a ride on one of these playful, finned critters...but we did, and it ROCKS! The facility down in Puerto Vallarta is truly a marine haven. From the moment you walk in, you know the dolphins love it just as mu...Read More
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TIP #1...DO NOT SAIL THROUGH A HURRICANE!!!With that said, assuming you are already onboard and don't have a choice, there are several things you should know about sailing through a hurricane.#1 DON"T PANIC Although it may not be a pleasant ride, you are not in danger. Cruise lines do everything they can to sail around bad weather. They utilize extremely expensive equipment, better than the weatherman's, to forecast and plot exactly where and when the storms will be. This is for your safety and the fact that ships and lawsuits cost a bloody fortune!#2 You will feel effects of the hurricane even though you are hundreds of miles away. Unfortunately, jus...Read More