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Smooth Sailing...Istanbul to Barcelona + Paris & London

A travel journal to Europe by KristenBentz

Grand Canal Rialto Photo, Venice, Italy More Photos
Quote: For my second trip to Europe, we decided to break free of the restrictions of tour groups and set out on our own adventures. With the knowledge gathered from my first tour, and a little help from Norwegian Cruise Line, our month-long, 7 country marathon began!
Grand Canal Rialto Photo, Venice, Italy
Ok, so it’s approximately $100 per person to ride a gondola in Venice. My thought...who needs a gondola ride in Venice! I know, I know! Next time we are there we will most definitely take a gondola. However, for those of us who did not prepare the first time for a cash expense of this magnitude, there are many other must do’s in Venice. Venice is famous for several of my favorite include glass, lace, masks, sea food, and magnificent photo ops...hmmhmm...I mean views! Between these activities you will forget all about the gondolas!First on the list of must do’s, explore! Walk around and get lost; don’t worry about’s an island. You’ll stumble upon quaint alleys, roma...Read More