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Fun and Sun along the Straits of Hormuz

A January 2010 trip to Oman by Overlander

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Quote: Oman's Musandam Peninsula, which forms the south shore of the Straits of Hormuz, is only just appearing on tourists' radar screens. The fjorded peninsula offers spectacular scenery, sailing, and off-road driving.

Things to see and do in Musandam

Musandam Trip Route Map Photo, Oman, Middle East
The Musandam Peninsula is a tiny chunk of Oman separated by some 180 kms from the main part of the country by the UAE. It's wildly serpentine shoreline harbors ancient villages nestled against sheer cliffs and scenery that, if forested as it would be in Europe, would rival the best that Norway -- or on the other side of the pond, Canada's British Columbia -- have to offer. The views from the air are as spectacular as the views from the deck of an Arab dhow. My wife and I spent a short four days and three nights up in this remote part of Oman at the beginning of January. Although we have lived in Oman since 1988, it was the first time we'd ever managed to get there. It used to be quite...Read More

Dhow Cruise Anyone?

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Aboard the dhow Photo, Oman, Middle East
If you know nothing else in the Musandam, make certain you take at least a four hour cruise on a dhow, a traditional Gulf Arab fishing boat. More properly called a boom – the real dhow was very much larger -- they’re around 50 to 70 feet long with a 14-18 foot beam. Not large by any means, but big enough to instill some confidence in passengers with little sailing experience. Ours was on the small end of that scale, and I was surprised by a couple things: first, although the craft had an inboard motor, it was steered by a young Omani manning a tiller. Second, I didn’t realize that the deck was curved rather substantially from fore to aft. Even though I’ve seen them many, many times, I had never...Read More


Golden Tulip Resort

Hotel | "Attractive hotel/resort on the shores of the Straits of Hormuz"

Golden Tulip Resort Photo, Oman, Middle East
The Golden Tulip Khasab is the only international class hostelry in Oman's remote Musandam Peninsula. Perched on a low bluff directly above the bay, it offers very spacious and comfortable rooms with the usual amenities one would expect: mini-bar, plasma TV, slippers, roomy bath, coffee/tea-making facilities, and balcony overlooking the water. The hotel itself has a coffee shop, inside restaurant, pool-side restaurant, and an outdoor terrace off the lobby. There are two pools, one especially for small children. Being family-oriented, they also provide playground equipment for the kids, which I'd never seen at a hotel before, I must say. There's also a computer with an ADSL connection ...Read More

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Golden Tulip Resort
Po Box: 434. Postal Code: 811 - Khasab
Oman 811
+968 2673-0777

Khasab Hotel

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Hotel | "The Grande Dame of Khasab hotels"

Khasab Hotel Photo, Khasab, Oman
The Khasab Hotel was until very recently the only place to stay in Khasab. There simply were no other choices. Although we weren’t staying there, we stopped by to take a look, if for no other reason than to satisfy our curiosity, having been booked in there at least twice before for trips that had to be canceled. For a fairly modest hotel, it offers reasonable value in the overheated Gulf hotel market. The room we saw was spacious, clean, and had the usual mini-bar, TV, private bath, and air-conditioning that are ubiquitous in this part of the world. The only downside to the room was strictly esthetic: fluorescent lights that throw a sickly pall over everything. Aside from that, th...Read More

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Khasab Hotel
P.O.Box 111
+968 26730267

Transport to and from the Musandam

MS Hormuz in Khasab port Photo, Oman, Middle East
At this point, there are three ways to get to the Musandam: you can fly in from Muscat on Oman Air, use the catamaran service between the same two cities, or drive. If you're in the Emirates, driving is the most obvious choice, and Dubai is a short two hour drive away from Khasab on excellent roads. Now for the details:Oman Air -- Over the past five years the Omani national carrier has expanded both its route system and its fleet quite rapidly. They've got a small fleet of A-330-200s, B-737-700s and 800s, and a few ATR-42s, a great little prop-jet that they use on the Muscat Khasab route. This flight takes just under an hour. Unlike US carriers, you get meals on even flights this sh...Read More