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A Really Cool Hangout!

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Quote: 21 Fahrenheit is India’s first Ice Lounge with an unique dining experience

21 Fahrenheit

Restaurant | "A Really Cool Hangout"

Cool man! My college just got completed and my friends thought for regathering so we were looking out for a good and place which will stand as a good memory for us in past even and then I thought of 21Fahrnheit and we went there. You all know 21 Fahrenheit comprises a small place where the walls, seatings, curtains and even the glasses are made of ice. Clever lighting bouncing off the ice creates a magical effect it is very nice and food so served there was equally tasty I loved to have my drink in Ice glass it was a unique experience. Clever lighting bouncing off the ice creates a magical effect. Try the Lava Chocolate, Vodka PanI Puri, Icy Blonde and Snapfrost at 21 Fahrenheit.21 Fahrenheit is a te...Read More

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on January 12, 2010

21 Fahrenheit
28, Meera Apartments, Oshiwara Link Road, Oshiwara, Andheri (w)
Mumbai, India 400053
+91 (22) 26310021