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Zurich, City of Fairy Tale Charm

An October 2000 trip to Zurich by Alyssa

Zurich is best seen on foot Photo, Zurich, Switzerland More Photos
Quote: Zurich, the city of fairy tale charm, is a 4 star destination that is often overlooked by American travelers. With streets that seem right out of a Hans Christian Andersen story, the city is walkable and enchanting, with attractions in every block. This city truly has "something for everyone."

Zurich, City of Fairy Tale Charm

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Zurich is best seen on foot Photo, Zurich, Switzerland
If you're a shopper, head straight for the Bahnhofstrasse. Take time to sit at a Zurich cafe and absorb the sights. For quaintness, the Old Town is picturesque, with photo opportunities at every step. The Teuscher Cafe in Old Town is a paradise for chocolate lovers. Ask about the river ferries that offer the best views and the chance to see Zurich from another perspective.Quick Tips: Take the commuter rail from the Zurich airport to the city. Get out at the train station and you'll be within easy reach of most of the main attractions. Know a few words of German. Many people do NOT speak English, including restaurant and cafe employees. So bring an English-German phrase book for...Read More