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Five Days in Paris

An October 2009 trip to Paris by anitaellen83

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Quality Hotel Paris Orleans

Hotel | "Cheap and Clean but Out of the Way"

Quality Hotel Paris Orleans  Photo, Paris, France
My husband and I wanted to see the city of Paris and spend money on food, not a room. We chose to stay outside of central Paris to save. This was a mixed blessing. The area was very safe and had good quality restaurants (and a scrumptious crepe station). The hotel is literally a third of a block from a metro station, which is very handy considering we had to take a train anywhere to get away from Port d'Orleans at the end of the line. We felt we spent quite a bit on metro tickets when it was all said and done, and it was a terrible pain getting our bags to and from the airport taking the metro all the way. However, the room was very clean and quiet and well worth what we paid for it. For our bu...Read More

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on December 2, 2009

Quality Hotel Paris Orleans
185-187 Boulevard Brune
Paris, France 75014
+33 (1) 45 39 68 50

My new husband and I really enjoyed the museums of Paris and wanted to get the most out of our trip. However, the Louvre was without a doubt the most overrated museum we've been to thus far and was not a great experience. We did appreciate getting in quickly with our passes, but the layout of the museum is very complicated and it still took us quite a while just to figure out where to go. The place was packed on a Friday afternoon and we had to weave in and out of crowds to get anywhere. The Mona Lisa is encased in so much glass and the protective barrier around it is so far that it's pretty difficult to appreciate the masterpiece. The map indicated around 40 pieces "worth seeing." It was a monu...Read More

Au Petit Tonneau

Restaurant | "Magnificent Food, Lackluster Service"

Au Petit Tonneau Photo, Paris, France
We found this restaurant in the Fodor's Paris 2009 guide book. It was advertised as home-style French cooking. We arrived around 7pm as the earliest diners were leaving. We got wine and bread quickly and ordered appetizers. The escargot was so delicious, tender, and buttery (and I'd know because I was very scared to eat them worried they'd taste like octopus). I had roasted lamb in a buttery cream sauce. To this day I have never had such succulent meat with a creamy, rich, flavorful sauce like that. It was almost worth the trip to Paris. However, during our main course, the restaurant got slammed and the single waitress on duty couldn't be bothered to refill the wine. We did however get desser...Read More

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on December 2, 2009

Au Petit Tonneau
20 Rue Surcouf
Paris, France 75007
+33 1 47 05 09 01

Paris Museum Pass


Olympia Photo, Paris, France
The Paris Museum Pass can be purchased online (just google it, many vendors sell it and you may get a good deal) or at participating museums (but I would not recommend getting it at the Louvre because it is so busy). They are available in 1 day and 3 day passes, but if you plan to do lots of sightseeing, I would highly recommend the three day pass. Not only does it save you on admissions (if you visit two or more monuments/museums each day--or if you're like us and returned to Musee D'Orsay for a second visit) but you get priority admission, so there's less waiting! We used the pass to visit Ste Chapelle, Arc de Triomphe, Musee D'Orsay, Centre Pompidou, Rodin Museum and the Louvre--we really apprec...Read More