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Manifest 2001

A travel journal to Melbourne by Kun-chan

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Quote: Manifest - Melbourne Anime Festival - is Australia's first (and only, so far) anime convention! It evolved from the Melbourne Anime Marathon, and now not only shows anime but has panels and debates and costume competitions to boot!

Manifest 2001


Some of the highlights of Manifest would be seeing the people in costume. While Manifest was on, you could even (if you were lucky) spot some costumers walking up and down Lygon street looking for dinner, or at 7-11 looking for supplies!

Quick Tips:

Bring your camera! Better yet, bring a video camera, and film all the fun at Manifest. ^_^

Best Way To Get Around:

To get to Melbourne University, catch a tram from the city up Swanston Street - almost every tram goes to the university, so it's a very easy place to get to. The university does have parking, if you'd rather drive, but the tram is cheaper. Catch a train into the city, as parking is expensive in the city, too.
While at MANIFEST, if you want to try something different for lunch or dinner, Gurkha's Cafe is just a short walk away. If you're going with a group of people, I would advise booking ahead. Gurkha's Cafe serves Modern Nepalese cuisine, with banquets costing between AUD$25-$30 per head. While at Gurkha's, I tried the Khasiko Masu (goat meat in a special sauce). It was an interesting dish, but there were other options that (according to my boyfriend) tasted better. But it was something different that I just had to try! For sweets I tried Rato Mohan, which was a very sweet dish made up from balls of cottage cheese in sugar syrup. (I really like sweet things!) ...Read More

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Gurkha's Cafe Nepalese Restaurant
258 Lygon Street
Melbourne, Australia
+61 (03) 9663 3119

Cosplay Judges  Photo, Melbourne, Australia
12th August 2001 Yet another way-too-early rise. It was Sunday, and I still had to get up early! Pity that Manifest wasn't big enough yet to have hotels attached to it, so all I'd have to do is go downstairs and be at the con! Oh, well. Maybe in a few years... This time, my costume was a lot lighter, so my bag wasn't heavy at all, so going on the train and tram was no problem, thankfully! And it only took a few moments to get changed - doing my hair took longer than putting on the dress! ^_^ As I wasn't on any panels till the afternoon, the morning was just spent hanging out in the hallway with the others, and chatting and playing cards. Heh, I learned a new card game ...Read More