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San Martin de los Andes, North of Bariloche

An August 2009 trip to Argentina by Robert Raymond Ingledew

Panoramic view of Lake Lacar Photo, Argentina, South America More Photos
Quote: San Martin de los Andes is 115 miles north of Bariloche, and has a charming environment. I am still here, and have passed the last six days in this beautiful ski center. Here are some of my first impressions.
SAN MARTIN DE LOS ANDES, THE PORT Photo, Argentina, South America
Going to San Martin de los Andes you face a difficult choice: Or you go in summer when the sky is blue and the water in the lakes is navy blue or emerald green, or you go in winter, when it will be snowing but when you will see very little sunshine. Both alternatives are beautiful, but your choice depends on what you prefer.The week I was there last week it was snowing in the mountain, but many times drizzling in the city. The rainfall was minimal, so I went out to take photos and took many beautiful ones, but that reduced my walking time in this beautiful alpine style village.The high class people come here, it is more expensive than Bariloche, but there are some local tours...Read More
I bought my reservation for this hotel over the Internet, and it turned out to be far better than expected. It resulted to be a very nice small 3 star hotel, that costs one third of what I would have paid at a leading 4 star hotel only a few blocks away. They also own a local travel agency. Their web pages change constantly up and down depending on the season and the high or low demmand, so check their rates and special packages on their web page. Normally lower rates apply during the Spring season for long stays and higher rates apply during the ski season.I understand that the prices given in thei...Read More