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Catamaran Cruise to the Pitons, St Lucia

A travel journal to St. Lucia by irclay

Poinsettia Villa Apartments Photo, St. Lucia, Caribbean More Photos
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Poinsettia Villa Apartments Photo, St. Lucia, Caribbean
Pioinsettia Apartment are very central to everything and a great place to come home to. The view is fabulous. Its on a hill nestled between peaks and nature. The Egrets nest along the lagoon/inlet at the foot of the hill and are a lovely sight in early mooring and at sunset. Poinsettia Apartments are really like townhouses - all apartments have their own entrance many with both a front and a back door and a garden patio.I took a day catamaran cruise to the pitons, arranged by Poinsettia. The folks we were with just kept saying awesome and it was. It was an early morning start from the jetty at the foot of Poinsettia hill and very easy to get to. We were greeted by friendly and fun crew and...Read More

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Poinsettia Villa Apartments

St. Lucia, Caribbean