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A travel journal to Corrientes by Robert Raymond Ingledew

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Quote: During this trip I visited the capital, Yacyreta, one of the largest hydroelectric projects in the world, Empedrado, and the cities of Resistencia and Formosa in nearby provinces. I am also adding information on Bella Vista, which I visited two years ago. I really enjoyed this trip.
Bella Vista, Corrientes, the hotel where I stayed. Photo, Corrientes, Argentina
Bella Vista is a beautiful place to spend a couple of days fishing fresh water sting rays or dorados. I have been only once there, with an oustanding fishing guide, Carlos Viccini. I suffered a shoulder injury at the Esquina bus station, tripped and fell to the floor, and Carlos went out of his way to make sure that I received adequate medical attention. But I was determined to take some nice photos, so after my problem had been taken care of, and disobeying medical orders, Weather was mild, so I had no problems.I went out with him on the boat for a photo safary (no fishing was advisable in these conditions). I found him to be very helpful and know that he is a reno...Read More
The road from San Ignacio to Iguazu Photo, Corrientes, Argentina
The Jesuit Reductions were a particular version of the general Catholic strategy used in the 17th and 18th centuries of building reductions (reducciones de indios), in order to Christianize the indigenous populations of the Americas more efficiently. They were created by the Catholic order of the Jesuits in the areas inhabited by the Tupi-Guarani peoples, generally in an area corresponding to modern day Paraguay, although later they were extended into the areas that are now Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia and Uruguay.The Jesuit reductions of this area were different from the reductions in other areas in that they did not seek to make the Indians adopt a European way of life, but only the Christ...Read More
There are two gateways to the Ibera Marshes that are open all the year round: Mercedes (Corrientes), to where you can go by bus from Buenos Aires, Rosario, Santa Fe, Parana, Goya, Bella Vista, Paso de los Libres, Concordia and Corrientes, but from where you must continue fifty miles on an earth road that you should avoid during the rainy season, or the direct bus service from Ituzaingo/Yacyreta, that runs only on Saturdays, leaving at five in the morning and arriving back late in the evening. Hotels in Ituzingo are cheaper than at Ibera, there are nice beaches and you have the chance of fishing dorados in the Parana river, or visiting the Yacyreta huge hydroelectric development..If you ar...Read More
Yacyreta is the only bi-national hydroelectic project that Argentina and Paraguay have in common. It forms the largest reservoir in Argentina and supplies twenty four percent of all the energy consumed by Argentina. It has more than forty miles (65 kilometers of embankments, including the lateral defences. Fourteen thousand animals had to be transported from he Yacyreta island and transported to the new Esteros del Ibera Natural Reserve located some one hundred miles north. One of the power transmission lines crossed this natural reserve, and this demmanded an environmental impact study that I translated into English for a firm of consulting engineers.I visited this huge hydroelectric ...Read More
SUITE CLASS BUS SERVICE Photo, Corrientes, Argentina
I was thirty years old when I visited this city for the first time. On a one and a half hour fishing outing, my fishing line was cut three times. On next trips I fished very nice dorados. This time I went on a photo safari.Empedrado is located in the Province of Corrientes some forty miles south of the Capital. The river banks are beautiful, and the work of wind and water erosion is evident. Hotels are not expensive, although do not expect to find 3 or 4 star hotels here. But a budget hotel with color TV is costing some 12 to 15 dollars per person, including continental breakfast.Motorboat rental is expensive in the whole area, but you can always fish from ...Read More