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Hope Town on the wonderful Island of Elbow Cay

A February 2009 trip to Abaco by cocopud

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Quote: I had wanted to go to Hopetown every since I saw scenes of the island in an IMAX dolphin movie . I also had a picture of the Hope Town Lighthouse hanging on the fridge for the last few years. We finally put a trip together for February 2009

Cap'n Jacks

Restaurant | "Convenient, but Just OK"

View of the lighthouse from Cap'n Jacks Photo, Abaco, Bahamas
I had read review of Cap't Jacks that were very good, so I was glad that we were close enough to literally crawl home if necessary; however, we weren't that impressed with the food. The first meal was lunch when we arrived, as breakfast was already over, we went for a walk and came back when they started serving lunch. I got a grilled grouper sandwich. The fries tasted like old oil, and bun was stale and the grouper was ok. My husband got a grouper reuben, which I tasted and it wasn't bad. One evening we went back to try dinner and I believe we both had the wahoo special, and it wasn't terrible, but it was definitely not very good. The wahoo was way over cooked and dried out. Another evening ou...Read More

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A Wonderful Week in Hope Town

Best Of IgoUgo


Starfish Photo, Abaco, Bahamas
We flew in and out of Freeport and from there we took Regional Air into Marsh Harbor, it was a smaller plane, maybe 12-15 seats, but it was way more comfortable with more legroom then the Spirit flight we took into Freeport. Once we arrived in Marsh Harbor we grabbed a cab to pick up a boat rental at Rainbow Rentals. We were lucky enough to ride with Vincent, who was the first cab driver on the island and his cab is Cab #1 (I believe all the cabs have numbers). He was a great old guy who stopped at the grocery store so that we could shop for groceries before going over to Hope Town. We had wanted to go to the liquor store and he would have waited, but it was still early and they did not open until ...Read More

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