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Silent Hill or Just a Ghost Town

A May 2009 trip to Centralia by ct888

Town Center Photo, Centralia, Pennsylvania More Photos
Quote: We watched the movie Silent Hill, causing my child to ask if there where such a place as Raccoon City, I googled it and found that it was fictional, but I also returned results about a town here in Pennsylvania that I just had to learn more about.


Attraction | "Snakes, Gators and Lizards..OH MY!"

Reptiland Photo, Allenwood, Pennsylvania
Heading home we passed a sign on the interstate that had an attraction called Reptiland, peeking my curiosity I grabbed my phone and searched the internet to see what it was all about. Looking at the website it was definitely something my kids would enjoy! I noticed that the time was now around 4 pm and Reptiland was open until 6, so I figured we could stop and have enough time to enjoy it. We arrived and found that we had enough time to see a show and do a bit browsing around. We enter the area where the live show would be taking place and shortly after getting settled we were given a very information, fun and informational show about giant fruit bats, kinkajou (sugar glider), marine toads,...Read More

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18628 US Route 15
Allenwood 17810
(570) 538-1869

Knoebels Amusement Park

Attraction | "Family Fun For Everyone!"

Knoebels Amusement Park Photo, Elysburg, Pennsylvania
We noticed that the sign that said we were only 15 minutes from the park, we figured we should check it out. Once we arrived there we found that it is not only a amusement park but a campground with pools and picnic areas, a bald eagle habitat, a theatre, golf courses and museums! The next thing we found that we like is that we could buy a one price ride all pass or we could pay per ride. I liked that since a few adults in the group don't ride, it was nice to be able to get into an amusement park and not have to pay just to walk around. Their is a large selection of rides to choose from, my favorite being the Haunted Mansion, it's fun and still makes you jump! Another favorite has to be the Scenic...Read More

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Knoebels Amusement Park
Rt. 487 Elysburg
Elysburg, Pennsylvania
(570) 672-2572

Town Center Photo, Centralia, Pennsylvania
After a few weeks of reading about Centralia and its history, it really got our interests peaked in going to check this town out. For anyone who doesn't know anything about this place here is a few facts about the area. The story began sometime in 1962 along the outskirts of town when trash was burned in the pit of an abandoned strip mine, which connected to a coal vein running near the surface. The burning trash caught the exposed vein of coal on fire. The fire was thought to be extinguished but it apparently wasn't when it erupted in the pit a few days later. Again the fire was doused with water for hours and thought to be out. But it wasn't. The coal then began to burn underground. T...Read More

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