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A July 2006 trip to Japan by movingon123

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Quote: I decided after taking two years of Japanese I would reward myself with an excursion to the country. What a beautiful place and such friendly folk!

Shinjuku New City Hotel

Hotel | "Lovely and Friendly"

Shinjuku New City Hotel Photo, Tokyo, Japan
This space was near shinjuku city park in the buisness district. Friendly staff, computers and internet, great food.

Also nearby several restaurants, the department store, train station, and several other parks and shrines.

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Shinjuku New City Hotel
31-1 Nishi-Shinjuku 4-chome



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I enjoyed sightseeing very much. A week is not nearly enough time to travel to Japan. Whoever, it is a great start to get used to the way of the city...then return for a month-or life!



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We did get a kick out of some of the differences...like the elevator doors that closed as soon as they open, the intersting restroom facilities, and the lack of crime.

Streets are lined with foliage...and there is a park around nearly every corner.

P.s> if you go to denny's...don't be expecting french toast. I had a bento:)

Tokyo is a gorgeous city.



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We took a day trip to Nara and I had the opportunity to speak with a man who had lived in the village his entire life. He told me wonderful stories. Who needs a museum?



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Be aware that the trains and lines are announced in both English and Japanese. This is not a time to practice your skill in the language. You can do that once you have reached your destination.

I highly recommend getting out of the city and visiting the country if you are staying in Tokyo or Kyoto. Taking a bullet train can give you enough beautiful country shots to last you a lifetime.

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