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A May 2009 trip to Porto by Slug

Inside Porto McDonalds Photo, Porto, Portugal More Photos
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Porto McDonalds Restaurant

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Restaurant | "Porto McDonalds - No Port-a-loo Here!"

Inside Porto McDonalds Photo, Porto, Portugal
Aah McDonalds. Like many visitors in a foreign country, the sight of that golden double arch signifies just one thing: clean free toilets!Unfortunately, those capitalists at McDonalds in Porto have cottoned on as to why they receive so many visitors, and staff control the entrance to the washrooms by use of an electronic opening zapper.On the plus side for McDonalds, it meant they got two new customers, as I was very keen to avail myself of the facilities. On the negative side, the system seems to give frustration and anguish for both staff and customer alike. I’m not quite sure why they don’t just take the hit (so to speak).I was pleased to see in addit...Read More

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