Zhejiang Journals

Classic Shanghai and Beautiful Wuzhen

An August 2008 trip to Zhejiang by freetrekker

Pudong, Shanghai Photo, Zhejiang, China More Photos
Quote: A four-day-tour in metropolitan Shanghai and one day cruising in Wuzhen.
Pudong, Shanghai Photo, Zhejiang, China
Day 1 My short trip started from busiest shopping street in Shanghai-Nanjing Road. Not to my interest, but I'd highly recommend it to all shopping lovers. And then, I moved to the Bund-one of the most recognizable landmark of Shanghai. Day 2 From Shanghai, I flied to that so called Heavenly city-Hangzhou.Feilaifeng Peak, Lingyin Temple, West Lake and its Red Carp Pond and so many other attractions familiar with everyone. Day 3 Today, I had the most unforgettable visit to ancient Wuzhen-one of six ancient water towns which located in south of Yangtze River with 1200-year-old history. Strolling along the ancient slabstone-paved streets, looking at its...Read More

Nanjing Road

Attraction | "The Busiest and Biggest Shopping Street for All Shopping-Lovers"

Nanjing Road, Shanghai Photo, Shanghai, China
Tourists and guests often celebrate various holidays at Nanjing Road, such as the Chinese New Year, New Year's Eve, Christmas and Easter. Some parts of the buildings and shopping malls seen in front of the Nanjing Road today may host a fireworks display over the main isle of the street.

In this road, you can see famous tourists resorts, such as People's Square, Shanghai Art Gallery and ancient Jin'an Temple; you can taste good food form different parts of the world; you can buy clothes or accessories with discount. In short, you will get lost in time.

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