New York Journals

'Play Ball' in the Big Apple

A travel journal to New York by JQLee

Quote: I'm a hardcore baseball fan from the Big Apple and can't decide between the Yankees and the Mets - so I go see both and you should too.

'Play Ball' in the Big Apple


For a true fan, there is nothing better than a day -night doubleheader in NY. Yankees game in the Bronx followed by a night game at Shea. It's possible, and I'll show you how. For those not so fanatical, at least find out how to enjoy one game while you are in New York.

Quick Tips:

Plan on taking the subway, buy seats in the upper deck - they're just as good, and get to the game early to enjoy all that each stadium offers.

Best Way To Get Around:

Subway: Any number of trains to Yankee Stadium, and the '7' train to Shea. Driving's a hassle, plus you can't drink, and taking a cab is only for those with more money than brains. Make taking the train part of the experience.