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A December 2007 trip to Oman by maral

Omani Bedouin Children Photo, Oman, Middle East More Photos
Quote: Experiencing dune-bashing, Bedouin hospitality, camel-riding, and sleeping out in the Omani desert leaves a lasting impression.

Camping in the Omani Desert

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Omani Bedouin Children Photo, Oman, Middle East
"Camp out on the Wahibah Sands!" the ad beckons. Checking the website at we 4 Canadians confirm our choice and chorus "yes"! Eager to explore more of this Sultanate, we pack. Map on lap, we easily find the main road south from the capital. My sister, her co-worker, my husband, and I are off on a quest for an Omani experience. (Air-conditioning and water bottles are a must!)The expanse of the desert is mind-boggling. Two hours later our road becomes a dirt path, barely recognizable as a road. We pass donkeys, goats, camels, and the occasional older model pick-up. The ruts in the sand become increasingly difficult to navigate. The car groans and so do we, as it sinks fende...Read More

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