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Trotting around in Trogir

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A July 2006 trip to Trogir by Praskipark

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Quote: A journal feauturing my top 5 interesting attractions in Trogir.

Kamerlingo Castle

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Attraction | "A Monumental Fortification in Trogir"

Kamerlingo Castle is a hum dinger of a Romanesque fortress mainly because it is so well preserved and gives the whole town a medieval look. It is very similar to the one in Paphos in Cyprus. The walls of the castle are solidly built in stone - I can't imagine any intruders ever being able to break into this monumental structue.The battlements and fortifications are safe to walk on and it is very pleasant to walk on the high walls to take in the magnificent views of the medieval town.This fortification has guarded the western approaches to Trogir since the 15th century and was built by the Venetians and at one time did house the Venetian Governor. In summer classical concerts and films are ...Read More

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Restaurante Fontana

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Restaurant | "Dining in Style on the Waterfront of Trogir"

This very popular restauarant is part of the Hotel Fontana and is situated in the old historic quarter of Trogir on the Dalmatian Coast. It is a little different than other restaurants in Trogir because it stays open throughout the year. In winter it retreats to a cosy interior and in the warmer months it spreads out on to the waterfront.Inside the restaurant there are spaces for approximately fifty people and the terraces along the waterfront can seat up to 200 people so overall it is quite a large restaurant. So what is the best restaurant in Trogir like? Well, it is in a wonderful situation especially if you sit outside as you really do take in a fantastic view of the port a...Read More

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Restaurante Fontana
Obala Bana Berislavica 11
Trogir, Croatia
(21) 884-811

Trogir's Riva

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Attraction | "Great Place to Sit with a Beer and Chill Out"

The Riva or waterfront is my favourite place in Trogir to visit.Although I love history and I am always interested in knowing as much information as possible about the town I am visiting and will walk around, going in and out of museums, churches etc, I am also lazy and there is nothing more I like to do than sit on a palm fringed waterfront sipping a beer or drinking coffee. The waterfront is where tourists come to wander or enjoy a meal or drink on a barmy summer evening. Here is where Trogir's citizens come also, to meet up and be seen. The many bars and cafes make this a perfect spot to relax and gaze seaward at the ferries, as they slip off to the nearby islands. Early morning all the boats...Read More

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The Cathedral of St Lawrence

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Attraction | "A Monumental Building that Shouldn't be Missed"

The Cathedral of St Lawrence which is known to the locals as the church of St John, is a monumental building and one that shouldn't be missed. The Cathedral's bell tower totally dominates the town because of its extreme height which seems to touch the clouds in the azure blue Croatian sky. The building was built on the old foundations of a basillica that was destroyed in the mid 12th century and is quite ancient and very beautiful.What I found really interesting was the 13th century west door, lavishly adorned with biblical scenes carved by Trogir-born sculptor Radovan. The portal is unusual because this artist didn't follow the patterns of the time by usiing iconography but used different...Read More

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Trogir Photo, Trogir, Croatia
Trogir - where is it, you may well ask? This small port and town is situated in Central Dalmatia which is in Croatia and about 30 kilometres from Split where there is an International airport. The town is well located as it is on the famous Adriatic Highway which links this part of Croatia to the rest of Europe. The reason I came across this beautiful spot is because we were driving from Zagreb to Split and thought I would stop overnight and see what the town had to offer. I knew the town existed but originally wasn't going to visit because I thought it would be overcrowded with visitors as I had heard it was a very popular resort. But seeing that we were doing a grand tour of Croatia and the other Ba...Read More