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Wintertime Adventures in Pensacola and Navarre

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A February 2009 trip to Pensacola by Wildcat Dianne

"I Have To Touch The Gulf of Mexico!" Photo, Navarre, Florida More Photos
Quote: Winters in Pensacola are mild and one can wear shorts almost year-round. While residents of the Northern USA are shoveling snow from their cars, we can enjoy Mardi Gras and other fun activities.

Thanksgiving Morning at Fort George

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First Baptist Church in Pensacola Photo, Pensacola, Florida
Thanksgiving morning 2008 in Pensacola. The weather was gorgeous, sunny, and 66 degrees. A nice day to take my old boy Loki for a trip to Palafox Pier while Todd vacuumed the floors before our Thanksgiving feast later that day. I had already done my contribution to the Thanksgiving table with pumpkin pie, so it was Erika and Mom's turn to get the rest of the feast ready. It was my job to get Loki out of the house while Todd got the vacuuming done without having Loki under his feet.On one of my trips to Downtown Pensacola, I tried to locate historic Fort George. The first time I couldn't find it, but another trip downtown, I found Fort George. It's a tiny fort located on the corner...Read More

The Wasabi House

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Restaurant | "Wasabi House Curbs The Wildcat's Sushi Cravings"

Outside of Wasabi House in Pace, Florida Photo, Pace, Florida
Before Christmas, a new restaurant was opening in Pace near the Home Depot I work at. It was called the Wasabi House, and they gave our Home Depot several menus that were in our break room for us to take. The nice thing about this new restaurant is that all of us Home Depot associates would get a 10% discount every time we ordered lunch or dinner from there. SOLD!The first time I went to the Wasabi House for lunch, I ordered the Shrimp Teriyaki Platter ($7.99). It came with soup and a salad along with the main course. I took it to go and ate it in the break room during my lunch hour. I wasn't impressed by the bland-tasting egg drop soup and salad with flavorless iceburg let...Read More

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Navarre Beach, Florida--December 29, 2008 Photo, Navarre, Florida
The signs leading to Navarre Beach, Florida say it! "America's Best Kept Secret" is a little beach community located about 32 miles east of Pensacola, Florida, and Mom, Dad, and I spent a couple of hours there on a sunny and warm December afternoon after Christmas. Several co-workers of mine said Navarre was a nice little place to visit, but I never heard of Navarre Beach until I moved to Pensacola this year. Even Dad never heard about the place until he visited us over the Christmas holidays, and that is the reason why the place is the best kept secret of Northwestern Florida.Navarre Beach is an unincorporated community in Santa Rosa County, Florida and is locat...Read More

Downtown Pensacola Mardi Gras Parade

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Attraction | "Flying Beads, Moon Pies, and Pirates Galore at Mardi Gras"

Gotta Do Something about that Drooling Problem! Photo, Pensacola, Florida
Every February in the Southern USA, Mardi Gras happens. Mardi Gras (or Fat Tuesday) is the week before Ash Wednesday that people cut loose and have a lot of fun and do some crazy things before giving them up for Lent that lasts the six weeks before Easter. My co-workers Beverly and Jason were in the break room at work talking about their participation in the Mardi Gras Parades that were going to happen in Pensacola and Pensacola Beach and throughout the Gulf States this past weekend, and I was piqued. I had a rare weekend off from work and was looking for something fun to do on Saturday. The Pensacola Mardi Gras celebration has been going on for over 100 years, and Mom ...Read More

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Beach Monkey

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Restaurant | "Lunch Break at Cocodries"

Beach Monkey Photo, Navarre, Florida
Going out to lunch or dinner is a great thing, but when someone else is paying for it, it is even better. That's how I discovered a great little restaurant called Cocodries in Navarre Beach, Florida last week when I attended a Behr Paint Clinic for Home Depot, and the people throwing the shindig took us out for lunch on them. Nine of us from Home Depot #6368 (Tami, Ray Ray, Josh, Gloria, Kathie, Mario, Patrick, Kim, and myself). After three hours of learning about new paint products from Behr flew by for the 25 people attending the clinic from several Home Depots along the Gulf Coast, we were hungry and ready for lunch. In between learning about tinted primers and interior pa...Read More

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Beach Monkey
8649 Gulf Boulevard
Navarre Beach, Florida 32566