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Dajia Mazu International Festival

A March 2009 trip to Taiwan by YouthTravelTaiwan

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Yangming Park

Attraction | "Yangmingshan National Park Flower Season 2009"

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It's not gonna be the same this time returning to Shilin. This time was not going back to "inside" but instead I went upto Yangmingshan with my parents to visit the Flower Season, which would end the next day. (03/22)We heard that the front road (Yang-te Boulevard) would under a ration control so we drove from the back road upto the mountain.We did struggled a while before finding the right place to park the car. Then, we walked along the path, appreciating the full blooms of flowers, such as, rhododendron, orchid and other various kind that I could not tell their names. Some flowers were huge whereas others are as cute as a little dots, scattered along the slopes, or on the trees....Read More

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Yangming Park
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I. Background and purpose of the recruitment(I) The recruitment procedures are established in accordance with the "2009-2012 Youth Travel in Taiwan Promotion Plan".(II) Integrate the efforts of domestic and overseas youths to assist NYC to further upgrade the friendly environment for youth travel; examine the quality of the "Trekking Taiwan – Creative Tour" program; support overseas promotional activities, so as to build up a youth travel culture in Taiwan and facilitate the development of the youth travel industry.II. In-Charge: National Youth Commission (NYC), Executive YuanIII. Candidates: domestic or overseas youth...Read More
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I'm atheist, or at least I believe I am one. Nevertheless, Taoism have been an important part of my life.Dajia Mazu International Festival is organized by Dajia Jenn Lann Temple (大甲鎮瀾宮) held annually in March of Lunar Calender. It's an activity lasting 8-day-7-night pilgrimage, over 100 thousand Mazu believers involved and crossing 4 counties throughout central Taiwan. Later in 1999, the Taichung County Government accredited the festival "The Dajia Mazu International Festival", becoming not only one of the famous tourist spots in Taiwan but also said to be one of the biggest three religious festival around the globe.So, on March 24th, National Youth Commission of Taiwan organi...Read More