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A December 2008 trip to New Zealand by lo7la

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Quote: South Island is a stunning display of majestic mountians, blue green glaciers, clear lakes and heaps of nature activities. I've been there four times and it's never ceased to take my breath away.

Swimming with Seals

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Attraction | "Swim with Seals"

seal cove Photo, New Zealand, South Pacific
I would rate my seal swim over my dolphin swim. For one, I got closer to the seals, or at least they got closer to me and the boat ride to the seals didn't make me sick like the sailboat ride to the dolphins.I did my seal swim in the Abel Tasman National Park in April. This was a quiet time for visitors which meant the trip was packed. The water was chilly but the full body wetsuit they provided helped me keep warm in the water and they provide a fleese for when you crawl back onto the boat.My morning began with an early pickup followed by a quick drive to the get ready point. There I picked out the right size wetsuit (they have people there to help you with sizes) and wriggled my way into...Read More

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Siberia Experience

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Attraction | "Experiencing Otago from Every Angle"

Siberia Experience Photo, Auckland, New Zealand
Siberia Experience is hands down one of the best experiences I have done in NZ. Starting from Makarora, a 45 minutes drive north from Wanaka, you are placed in a six-seater Cessna aircraft. I went with my partner and his folks. There were us and the pilot. Our own private scenic flight. You all wear headphones so you can talk to each other and the pilot can point out areas of interest. The scenic flight lasts 25 minutes. (If you get air sick the smaller plane might not be for you - however if you can last 25 minutes the views are stunning.) 25 minutes seem to last a long time when you are soaring in the air. You fly over fields, river and a hidden glacier. The pilot does a few figures 8's when coming ...Read More

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Siberia Experience
Mount Aspiring National Park
Auckland, New Zealand