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A March 2009 trip to Hualien by YouthTravelTaiwan

Quote: Sunshine, blue sky and cardrive to Taroko & Hualien with Friends!

Lintien Shan Mountain - Timber Land (Morisaka 森阪)

Attraction | "Lost Timber Land - Molisaka aka Lintien Shan Mountain"

After arriving in Hualien Station, I drove every one in the rental car to Morisaka Timberland, a once-famous timberland in 1960s. Report has it that here once as popular as over 1000 employees and family members resided here. But now, as we arrived, there's neither many residents anymore, nor too many tourists.

Here locates a deserted elementary school (森榮 Elementary School). We strolled on the playground, peering at the broken and ratten-hit platform, giving you a kind of huzun, nostalgia and gloom.

We did not stay here for long as it may bore us once we stays a little bit longer. We depart for the next destination and leaving the beautiful image of Lintien Shan in my mind.

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