Atlantic City Journals

Atlantic City. Now with Palm Trees!

A February 2009 trip to Atlantic City by Saphira

Quote: Winter outside, Tropical Paradise inside.

Riding the Jitney

Best Of IgoUgo


Think of it as Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride with casinos, and instead of Toady, Ratty and Moley, you have intoxicated college kids, the lady who smells like a pack of cigarettes who just played slots for ten hours and the guy listening to his iPod rapping out loud. Although there are lots of sharp turns and the drivers like to pretend they are in Nascar and they don’t always obey traffic signals, it wasn’t half as death defying and thrilling as riding in a taxi through Panama City. Just be certain you have full control of your stomach when you board. THE STOPSThe jitney stops can be located by looking for the special jitney signs at the curbs. They are very easy to spot as they say ...Read More