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Sunday down Zuid Holland

A February 2009 trip to Maastricht by manlalakbay

Carnaval Photo, Maastricht, Netherlands More Photos
Quote: It is time for the Carnaval! The last days of celebration before the coming of the Lenten season.


Attraction | "Maastricht Carnaval: Festive Fun in Zuid Holland"

Carnaval Photo, Maastricht, Netherlands
The Dutch people are known to be serious and practical fellows. Yet when the time for Carnaval comes, this seriousness is literally masked over. The Carnaval is a Catholic celebration, usually celebrated the Sunday before Ash Wednesday called Septuagesima. It marks the end of the ordinary Sundays and the beginning of the Lenten Season. You can say that people revel as hard as they can until the time of sacrifice and reflection of Lent comes.In Holland, there are several cities which celebrate the Carnaval. Breda, Den Bosch and Maastricht. Most of these are in South Holland, cities which are nearer Belgium and Germany, where similar Carnaval celebrations are being held. I...Read More

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