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An August 2008 trip to South Korea by evo2887

Seoul Tower Photo, Seoul, South Korea More Photos
Quote: South Korea is absolutely amazing when you know exactly where to go and where the hot spots are. The scenery is absolutely beautiful, the food is savory, and the shopping is plentiful.
Chinese Doctor Fish (chinchin) Photo, Seoul, South Korea
If you ever get the chance, go to Hongdae (located somewhere in Seoul) and find a place called the Doctor Fish Cafe. You'll see the sign way up high on a tall black building since it's on the 7th floor. No worries, Hongdae isn't that big; if you're out randomly bar hopping, you're bound the see it while walking around.Anyway. Doctor Fish Cafe is known for having a little area full of small fish where you can dip your feet in the water and have the fish bite the dead skin cells from off your feet. For approx. US$5 you can give it a try for as long as you want your feet soaking in fish water, but if it grosses you out too much, for approx. US$10 you can ask for a person to give you professio...Read More

Seoul Tower

Attraction | "Keeping It Romantic at the Seoul Tower"

Seoul Tower Photo, Seoul, South Korea
If you're without a significant other, going to Seoul Tower at night won't make you feel any better if you're not enjoying the single life. Seoul Tower is buzzing with couples in their honeymoon period. In fact, if you're one of those couples, don't forget to bring a lock and add it to the fence of lover's locks. There are hundreds upon hundreds of locks of all these couples hoping to signify their love for each other at the Seoul Tower. At the top of the tower, you get the romantic view of Seoul's city lights.If you don't mind seeing happy couples everywhere, the view up top is still a must see. Also, check out the bathrooms. The walls are painted like the blue sky... and you can see more...Read More

Seoul Tower
Namdaemunro 1-ga
Seoul, South Korea 100-091
+82 2 775 6222

One of the rooms inside Luxury Photo, South Korea, Asia
Whether you're good at singing or not, it doesn't matter. Karaoke places, known as noraebang in Korean, are everywhere. It's one of the greatest pastimes, especially at night. If you're wanting to drink and have some extra singing fun, it's perfect. For about roughly $10US (depending on the quality of the place) you and your buddies can sing up to 1 hour... and if the place isn't busy and you're bringing them in extra doe by buying goodies from them, they are bound to give you some extra singing time... even up to an hour extra!Also, all the noraebang places have Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese popular songs... so don't worry if you don't know any Korean, the English section has eno...Read More

Vivaldi Park: Ocean World

Attraction | "Ocean World... A Very Cool Waterpark"

Ocean World  Photo, South Korea, Asia
Ocean World is located at Vivaldi Park, which is in Gangwon-do, approx. 5 hours from Seoul by bus. In the summer time, Vivaldi Park is known for its water park, but in the winter, it's a great ski resort.Ocean World's theme, despite its name, seems to only Egyptian themed. Regardless, this park is pretty great and fairly safe for the kids. They require you to wear a hat and rent a safety floating vest. Ocean Park is huge. It has an outside area with a few water rides, and a large inside water area, great for the kids. At the outside area, there are the standard slides, lazy river, and BIG BIG wave, which has a foreboding tune before the wave comes. Tip for the BIG wave: if you'...Read More

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