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An April 2008 trip to Italy by American91

Santa Maria del Fiore & Baptistery (Il Duomo) Photo, Florence, Italy More Photos
Quote: Following along the touristy and well traveled, but absolutely remarkable and gorgeous streets of Rome, Venice, Florence and Pompeii.

Roman Forum

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Attraction | "The Cradle of Italy (and Beyond)"

Roman Forum Photo, Rome, Italy
Ah, the Roman Forum. There is no place quite like this in the world. This small, quiet area, not a more than an acre, which is set down from the bustling modern city of Rome, appears to be nothing more than deteriorating marble and massive rocks strewn about. But it is here, where the cobblestone paths wind awkwardly through ancient foundations, that the city of Rome, in its empirical heyday, domineered almost all of Europe and vast portions of Africa and Asia as well. The Forum, which held buildings such as the Curia, or the Roman Senate, more than 2500 years ago today stands in a state of demise, and there is little more left of it then the foundation and a dilapidated wall. Several temples to the ...Read More

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Roman Forum
Largo Romolo e Remo
Rome, Italy 00186
+39 066990110

Fiorens d'oro

Restaurant | "Flowers of Gold"

Piazza della Repubblica Photo, Italy, Europe
Fiorens d'oro, which translates literally into English as Flowers of Gold is a beautiful place to have lunch during a classic beautiful Mediterranean day in Florence, Italy. The restaurant, which is composed of two parts (one outside and one inside) offers traditional, delicious Italian cuisine, truly in the heart and center of Florence. When dining here, my group and I sat outside in the Piazza della Repubblica, under a sun relieving awning, taking in the midday bustle of the city. The Piazza itself is beautiful, with a massive archway at the east end of the square and traditional buildings lining the sides. Now about the actual restaurant. There were, in my opinion, two very strong points; the food...Read More

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Santa Maria del Fiore & Baptistery (Il Duomo)

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Attraction | "On Top of Florence"

Santa Maria del Fiore & Baptistery (Il Duomo) Photo, Florence, Italy
Almost everyone who comes through Florence will at least see the Duomo from afar. A majority of these people, especially tourists, will come up close to this amazing structure, marvel at the intricate detail on the outside of the church, and stand with wide eyes, head dropped back, mouth agape, staring at the amazingly intricate mural painted on the underside of the epic dome. This massive church is enough to make any passerby stop, if even for a moment, to look up and truly gain a feeling of insignificance and overwhelming impressment. Giotto's Bell Tower and the massive Duomo dominate the Firenze skyline and are a symbol of the beauty of the city. Now any visitor to this church can surely appreciate...Read More

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Santa Maria del Fiore & Baptistery (Il Duomo)
Piazza Del Duomo
Florence, Italy 50122
+39 055294514

Running through the Heart of Italy

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Quiet Venice Alley Photo, Italy, Europe
My friend and I are avid runners. We have logged countless miles together over the years and were lucky enough to travel to Italy with our school. Figuring that we needed to stay in shape since the we would be consuming massive calories as we ate our way around the cities, we decided to run as much as possible. I can gladly say that this was the single best choice we made on this trip. We saw so much more of Rome, Venice, and Florence than anyone else in our group and got to see much more than the beaten path and touristy attractions. Our second day in Italy, we were given an hour and half to travel on our own, away from the group, and unsure what to do, we decided to make the most of the time frame....Read More
Grand Hotel Mediterraneo Photo, Florence, Italy
This is an absolutely gorgeous hotel to stay in. Going against the typical and infamously small European room, the Grand Hotel Mediterraneo offers a shockingly spacious and comfortable place to sleep. Upon walking into our triple room (sleeps three with three beds) I was shocked at the size and elegance of the place. After staying in a tiny, seemingly closet sized room with two other teenagers in Venice, I was pleased to find I could have plentiful space to move about. Furthermore, the food in the hotel was rather pleasant, although I would definitely encourage guests to get out and sample the local cuisine. The location was not within immediate proximity to the sights of Venice, but it was certainly ...Read More

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Grand Hotel Mediterraneo
Florence, Italy 50121
+39 (055) 660241

Grand Hotel Ritz

Hotel | "The Grand Hotel Ritz"

Grand Hotel Ritz Photo, Rome, Italy
Located is a nice neighborhood of Rome, the Grand Hotel Ritz is a beautifully decorated and true to its ritzy nomenclature. Although its is not located within walking distance of Ancient Rome or any major sights, it is positioned in a fairly wealthy and suburban part of Rome, which is actually rather nice, since you are off the touristy footpaths Italy is infamous for. Don't get me wrong though. Its is VERY easy to find your way to the city center and to historic sites. Not even a block from the hotel is a subway/metro which offers a cheap, short 2 minute ride to the absolutely beautiful Piazza del Popolo (the twin churches and trident). Furthermore, if you wish to get in some exercise as my friend an...Read More

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Grand Hotel Ritz
Rome, Italy 00197