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An August 2008 trip to Mokpo by travellingdave

Yeong Hwa Jang Yeogwan Photo, Mokpo, South Korea More Photos
Quote: A weekend in beautiful Mokpo, South Korea

Yeong Hwa Jang Yeogwan

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Hotel | "Decent Accomodations Near Mokpo Station"

Yeong Hwa Jang Yeogwan Photo, Mokpo, South Korea
The Yeong Hwa Jang Yeogwan is located right around the corner from Mokpo Station, which is very convenient for those arriving or departing this wonderful little city. The neighborhood is definitely rough around the edges, but nothing too terrible to manage. Nearby, you will find a couple of dive bars and fellow "love motels" but nothing much in the way of decent nightlife and restaurants. Not to worry, though, because the heart of downtown Mokpo is less than a 2000 Won cab ride away.The motel itself is old, with a lot of wear and tear, but still manages to provide a moderate level of comfort despite its age. Each room has a small lobby, separated from the bedroom and bath...Read More

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