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A May 2008 trip to Managua by celestemy

Real InterContinental Metrocentro Photo, Managua, Nicaragua More Photos
Quote: This was my third trip to Managua, Nicaragua. I always enjoy my visits there. I hope this journal will give a synopsis of what to do there.

Hipa Hipa

Attraction | "Hipa Hipa, It's Ok"

Hipa Hipa Photo, Managua, Nicaragua
Hipa Hipa is a very popular nightclub in Managua. It's not expensive per US standards, but for Managuans it's the place upper class 18 - 30 year olds go and one of THE places to be to be seen. My husband and I have been there twice and we don't really enjoy it. There's no ambience. Hipa Hipa is smoke-filled with super loud pounding music, and people crushing in on all sides when you're on the dance floor. The music is alright, definitely dance mix music. However, as I said before it's so loud, you can't even speak with whoever you're dancing with. If that's your scene, you'll probably enjoy going to Hipa Hipa.

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Taquitos! Photo, Managua, Nicaragua
I love the food in Managua! Here are my suggestions for mealtime.A restaurant I highly suggest eating at in the capital of Managua is Cocina de Doña Haydee. It's my favorite restaurant (probably in the world). It's fantastic traditional Nica food with queso frito and tajadas verdes, which you must try. The cost is inexpensive compared to US prices.Eat quesillo while you're in Nicaragua. It's a tortilla with cheese called quesillo, a sour cream, and onions. There's a place right outside Managua on Carretera Masaya called Mi Viejo Ranchito that sells delicious quesillo. Casa del Cafe is a little chain in Managua (and maybe elsewhere but I don't know) that has e...Read More

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Ruben Dario National Theatre Photo, Managua, Nicaragua
In Managua visit the Ruben Dario National Theatre for a folkloric show. The shows gives a wonderful peek at traditional Nicaragua dance, dress, and activities. The ticket prices are reasonable (approx. $20 per person). The theatre is named in honor of the famous Nicaraguan poet Ruben Dario. The entire experience can't be beat!

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Ruben Dario National Theatre

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Iglesia de San Pedro in Diria Photo, Managua, Nicaragua
My third trip to Nicaragua was in May/June 2008. In Nicaragua, I've mainly stayed in Managua, the capital, but have traveled to Granada, Leon, San Juan del Sur, Rivas, Masaya, and a couple small towns (Diria for one). From Managua you can do day trips to many other locales. Go to the Masaya artisan market in the small town of Masaya, visit a volcano or two (Mombacho and Momotombo), and spend at least a day at the beach (San Juan del Sur, Pochomil, or Montelimar). Pochomil Beach is a more typical Nica beach, although Montelimar has the all inclusive Barcelos resort and San Juan del Sur has a lot of luxury hotels and is popular with tourists. I would suggest taking more than a day to visit Montelim...Read More

Real InterContinental Metrocentro

Hotel | "Great Hotel in Managua"

Real InterContinental Metrocentro Photo, Managua, Nicaragua
A very nice and central hotel in Managua is the Intercontinental. My sister-in-law had her wedding reception there and we stayed for a night. The service is spectacular and the hotel is beautiful. We ate there only for the catered reception, but the food was delicious! Furthermore, the location can't be beat as it is in the center of the city and next to the Metrocentro mall.

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Real InterContinental Metrocentro
Managua, Nicaragua