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Weekend Diversion in Tupelo

A December 2006 trip to Mississippi by Irene

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Quote: Renown as the birth place of Elvis, Tupelo, Ms has more offerings on its plate than Elvis’s home and plush museum, including Vanelli’s Greek Italian Restaurant, the sparkling Tupelo Automobile Museum and a convenient scenic Gateway and Headquarters to the Natchez Trace Parkway.


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Restaurant | "For the Best Greek and Italian Food"

Vanelli's Photo, Tupelo, Mississippi
Vanelli’s Greek and Italian Restaurant"To eat or not to eat, that is not the question? Whether it is better to bear the pangs of hunger or go for the feast." The Bard would definitely have feasted at Vanelli’s Greek and Italian Restaurant in Tupelo.Established in1975 by Demetrios Kapenekas aka. " Papa Vanelli," who fondly remarked when questioned about the curious name of his restaurant "Who’s going to buy pizza from a Greek named Kapeneka.," Vanelli’s is owned today by his son Bill (Vaz).Situated on an out parcel on Gloster Ave in front of the Marriot Courtyard Hotel, Vanelli’s beckoned with a spacious parking lot and a gracious entrance of white columns and green...Read More

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1302 North Gloster Street
Tupelo, Mississippi

Attractions in Tupelo

Attraction | "Take a Look Around"

Scenic Natchez Trace Photo, Mississippi, United States
From the spacious showroom floor of the Auto Museum to the cramped shotgun house birthplace of Elvis and on to the inviting curves of the Natchez Parkway and Parkway Visitors Center, Tupelo is a delightful weekend diversion. On Closter Ave. Vanelli’s Restaurant makes short work of appetites with custom pizzas, hearty Greek steaks and casseroles, including an all you can eat buffet, surrounded by Mr. Vanelli’s collection of Folk Art and signed celebrity photographs.Success is journey, they say, not a destination as is the Natchez Trace Parkway, a peaceful historical 444- mile journey through time. From Nashville to Natchez, the Trace is dotted with historical...Read More

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Tupelo Automobile Musuem

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Attraction | "A Dazzle of Automobile History"

Tupelo Automobile Musuem Photo, Tupelo, Mississippi
Acres of Cars! That is what we saw in this dazzle of an airplane hangar. We were in the 120,000 square foot Tupelo Automobile Museum.After plunking down our pricey 8 dollar Senior Admission, Adults 10 dollars, we pushed through glassed double doors into a sweeping display of gleaming automotive history.In precise angled rows over a 100 classic vintage automobiles winked back at us.Our self guided tour began with an 1886 Benz, the birth of the automobile, which did not have headlights or a steering wheel and only 3 wheels. This 2 seater sported no top and only a handle to push side to side to steer. Admiring the chronological progression, we moved on finally to a ...Read More

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Tupelo Automobile Musuem
1 Otis Dr
Tupelo, Ms. 38804
(662) 843-4242