Faro Journals

A Charming Sometimes Forgotten Town in the Algarve

An August 2007 trip to Faro by Praskipark

Quote: A town that often gets passed by but has beautiful islands nearby and a historic quarter
For most visitors to the Algarve Faro is often a transitional place for arriving at the airport and moving on to a destination resort. However, it is a town worth seeing as it holds many delights. When I lived in the Algarve it was a favourite trip by train for me. Portuguese trains are quite slow but I used to love to catch the 10am train from Lagos and spend two hours or so day dreaming and taking in the views of the countryside while the train slowly chugged it's way, stopping at every station until it finally crawled into Faro.In Roman times the town was called Ossonaba and then in the 9th century it became the capital of a princedom which was surrounded by defensive walls. It was then...Read More