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A Couple of Days in Aegina Town

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An October 2008 trip to Aegina by Slug

The Mezedopoleio Toias Photo, Aegina, Greece More Photos
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Avra Hotel and Restaurant

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Restaurant | "Average Meal at Aegina Town's Avra Hotel"

The restaurant area of the Avra  Photo, Aegina, Greece
As our restaurant choices in Aegina had proven very successful, on our last evening we became complacent and decided to stop off at the Avra Hotel near the ferry port in Aegina Town. Why is it that your final meal is either the worst or best of the trip? In our case, although our meal was acceptable, we felt there were far better restaurants in the town.We chose the Avra because the weather had turned nasty, so we didn’t really want to be wandering the streets choosing a place for a quick meal. We decided to eat in the plastic covered eating area across the road from the restaurant, and catch some final evening views of the sea. Although the outdoor restaurant areas looked like a wooden ga...Read More

Member Rating 2 out of 5 on January 1, 2009

Apxontiko Taverna

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Restaurant | "Enjoy the Local Atmosphere at the Apxontiko Taverna "

Souvala Harbour Photo, Aegina, Greece
We were keen to get some walking in during our flying visit to Aegina, and decided to climb the 100o feet slow ascent out of Ageina Town to the ruined village of Paleohora. The village is on top of a hill, and originally founded in the 1200’s to avoid the fishing village raids from the Turks. Paleohora is worth a good wander as there are now many religious shrines dotted amongst the ruins, and the views across the semi arid landscape are impressive. Rather than return the way we came, we decided to walk down to the coastal town of Souvala, and enjoy a leisurely lunch before walking back to Aegina Town. We fell upon a lovely traditional taverna with a reassuringly large owner, the Apxontiko...Read More

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International Corner Bar

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Attraction | "Enjoy a Drink and Snack at the International Corner Bar"

The International Corner Bar Photo, Aegina, Greece
We were fortunate to be staying a few hundred yards from the harbour front in Aegina Town and close to the delightful International Corner Bar. While not the trendiest spot in town, it is a great place for a nightcap and spend a couple of hours after dinner. The bar appears to be run by a retired Greek footballer; a photo of the owner in younger days, and on the football pitch stands behind the bar. Although the owner was a very friendly and chatty man with a great command of English, I didn’t ask about his past. Unfortunately, he might have actually spoken about football; a subject I know very little about and which in detail bores me rigid.The International Corner is very nic...Read More

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on December 31, 2008

Mezedopoleio To Steki

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Restaurant | "Fresh from the Fish Market"

Mezedopoleio To Steki Aegina Town Photo, Aegina, Greece
Some of the cheapest and best restaurants in Greece tend to be found near the fish and meat markets, and Aegina is no exception. While we found the restaurants in Athens itself to be a little too close to the meat market (and that distinctive smell of fresh blood), there is no such problems with the Mezedopoleio To Steki which is very close to the fresh fish market. Of course, fish is a speciality, and the restaurant has no excuse when it comes to the quality and freshness of the produce. There are actually a choice of three restaurants all located next to each other in this little corner of Aegina Town, so if one is too busy, it’s not too taxing to try to find another table! ...Read More

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Mezedopoleio Toias

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Restaurant | "Enjoying a Meal in Aegina Town at the Harbourfront Toias"

The Mezedopoleio Toias Photo, Aegina, Greece
Our escape from Athens’ busy city centre atmosphere came with a couple of night’s relaxation on the small island of Aegina, about 15 miles from the port of Piraeus. As well as offer a quieter experience, Aegina had the added advantage of being a little cheaper than Athens, and we found it a good venue to get a little "chill time" in. We were keen to find somewhere for lunch as soon as we arrived at Aegina Town, as this would give our hotel time to prepare our room before check in. Aegina Town is a pretty but unexceptional town located around a bay and harbour area. As well as restaurants and Tavernas, Aegina Town offers fruit and pistachio stalls, and quite a number of nice upmarket touri...Read More

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