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A travel journal to Puerto Rico by CarolinaPanthers1983

El Canario Inn Photo, San Juan, Puerto Rico More Photos
Quote: My adventure of my trip to Puerto Rico. Plan on making a return soon. More to come.
Pigeons in the Park Photo, San Juan, Puerto Rico
When my wife and I arrived in San Juan, my wife and I decided to walk around San Juan and experience the daily life. It was very HOT!!! Just walking around the city with the sun beating down on you made it a workout. Not only was the sun burning, but it was also humid. Walking through the city, I noticed that you could always get a beautiful picture of any part of San Juan. It seemed like the sun always hit at the right time to take pictures of a gorgeous alley way. The buildings were wonderfully designed with narrow roads. I was taking it all in. The atmosphere was lively and refreshing. I have to say that it is VERY BUSY, even at night. The roads are always packed, so I can only image how frustratin...Read More

Bacardí Rum Distillery

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Attraction | "The Wonderful World of Barcardi"

Bacardí Rum Distillery Photo, Catano, Puerto Rico
I went to this factory with my wife for the first time(for my wife, it was her second time). I was excited and thrilled to visit this place. At first when we heard that it was going to be an arm and a leg to get to the Bacardi Rum Factory, I was going to not go. Then, I was told how to get there cheaply by one of the receptionist at the El Canario Inn. All we had to do was take the bus, which was FREE to take. The bus will take you to the San Juan port. Once at the port, you find a tugboat to take you, which was also FREE to take. You get on the tugboat and enjoy the ride to get on the other side of San Juan. The only transportation you pay for is a taxi ride to get there, which was only $3 per person...Read More

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Bacardí Rum Distillery
Bay View Industrial Park Route 165, Km. 2.6
Catano, Puerto Rico 00962
(787) 788-8400

Latin Star

Restaurant | "Little Expensive But Good"

Latin Star Photo, San Juan, Puerto Rico
After my wife and I unpacked at our inn, we decided to go eat lunch. We decided to go eat at Latin Star- Only three blocks from El Canario Inn. When we arrived, our waitress was nice and sat us outside the restaurant. If you have never been to Puerto Rico, you don't need to speak Spanish- The people over there actually speak fluent English to serve you.I got a steak with onions with salad and perfectly-cooked plantains. The plantains are the main reason you should eat at this restaurant. They were very crispy yet sweet. In fact, my wife and I were pleased by the plantains that we ordered more.The setting was beautiful. Outside the restaurant, we could see the Caribbean Sea. There a nice, C...Read More

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Latin Star
1128 Ashford Avenue
San Juan, Puerto Rico
(787) 724-8141

Hard Rock Café

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Restaurant | "Rock-N-Roll With a Hint of Puerto Rico"

Hard Rock Café Photo, San Juan, Puerto Rico
My wife and I was walking around San Juan because we were waiting to get on our cruise to sail off to the Caribbean. It was a hot and VERY humid day- My wife was turning red all over because of this weather. After walking around for about an hour, we decided that it was time to eat.At first, we couldn't decided where to eat because, to be honest, we didn't know where to go to eat that was opened. We walked for another 30 minutes until we came upon Hard Rock Cafe. Now, my wife was almost to her knees praising God that we found a Hard Rock (She has been to many Hard Rocks before in different countries and loved each and everyone of them).When we went in, it was almost empty. We had guessed t...Read More

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Hard Rock Café
253 Recinto Sur
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00901
+1 787 724 7625


Restaurant | "Come For Just The High Buzz."

Don't be afraid, this was my meal. Photo, San Juan, Puerto Rico
My wife and I as well as two friends we met at The Barcardi Rum Factory ate at this place. The food was delicious and flavorful. I have a red snapper fish with plantain, which I ate everything on my plate. The atmosphere was nice- set in a dark room with blue jellyfishes hanging in the room. I do have to say that it was obviously a place a lot of tourist come, so if you want to go eat at places with few tourist, don't come here. This place was a tourist-trap. I realize that there was not a single Puerto Rican in the restaurant except for the cooks and hosts. I figured that the tourists, just like me, probably went on Frommer's to get information on where to eat, and this place got a big, fat circle t...Read More

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El Canario Inn

Hotel | "This Inn Is a Must Visit!!!"

El Canario Inn Photo, San Juan, Puerto Rico
When you visit this inn, you might think it was a beatdown, old place to stay. Let me tell you, DON'T BE FOOLED!!!! This place was awesome to stay for the price my wife and me paid for. We stayed there for two nights for around $100.00 a night. I have to say that anywhere in San Juan, you would have to be lucky to see it even down to $150 a night, unless you plan to at a one-star hotel. The rooms are small, but they have air conditioning as well a nice shower, WITH HOT WATER. The one thing that stood out the most was the reception from the front desk. These people were nice and told us were to eat and how to get to places without spending a fortune to get there- such as the Barcardi Rum Factory. If an...Read More

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El Canario Inn
1317 Ashford Avenue
Condado, San Juan, PR
(787) 722-3861