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San Francisco and Petaluma, CA

A March 2005 trip to San Francisco by Lindy27

Wandering around the streets Photo, San Francisco, California More Photos
Quote: For our spring break trip in March of 2005, we decided to visit a friend in Northern California. We stayed at her house close to Petaluma and also took a day trip to San Francisco!

Bodega Bay


Sheep! Photo, Petaluma, California
So today was the best day of the trip! My friend and I were visiting dad works for the Coast Guard and managed to get us a ride on one of their ships! We made the drive to Bodega Bay in the morning to the Coast Guard ship area. We got safety instructions and all got to dress in "mustangs" which are just big orange suits to help survive the cold water if you fall in. We then headed out into the harbor and around the ocean for a few hours, we even got to drive the boat! Go thing there were no Coast Guard emergencies for the day or this part would have been cancelled.In the afternoon we decided to head to the beach around there. It was very pretty but cold and windy! We only stayed abo...Read More
Wandering around the streets Photo, San Francisco, California
So one of the days while we were in Northern California we decided to take a day trip into San Francisco. Overall once we arrived in San Francisco the car became useless and parking was expensive. On our way in we passed the Golden Gate Bridge and the world's curviest road, which was closed because they were filming a movie.We started out the day in Fisherman's Wharf. We wanted to go to Alcatraz but the tickets were all sold out so reserve ahead! So we just shopped on Pier 39, which is a tourist trap and not all that exciting. I found the shops that ran along the water east to west to be better. We then headed west to the beach where there were some good views of Alcatraz and boats....Read More