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We Just Got Back from Skiing in Dubai

A June 2008 trip to Dubai by blueskygirl

Dubai airport Photo, Dubai, United Arab Emirates More Photos
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Dubai airport Photo, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Of course, we had to see for ourselves THE richest city in the world (Abu Dhabi) and the most expensive hotel ever built at US$3 Billion (The Emirates Palace Hotel). We were expecting Abu Dhabi and the Emirates Hotel to be, well, gauche. Surprisingly, we found it to be quiet, clean and interesting. Abu Dhabi is creating itself as the cultural centre of the UAE, bringing a "Desert Louvre" (to be the first Louvre branch outside of France) in 2012 with the cool price tag of US $520 million. In case you are wondering about the supposed "amazing shopping in Dubai" we were not impressed. We saw Europeans at the airport duty free buying mobile phones, iPods, and Bose headphones like ...Read More

Dubai - Day 1 and Arrival

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I had a last-minute chance to stay in Dubai for 2 days in June. It seems that people who travel to Dubai have a love-hate relationship with this rather fantasy city. The city is so new, so modern, so beautiful, so over-the-top, so everything!Flying into the city, you see this crazy city is literally in the middle of nowhere. It’s desert, desert, desert, then BAM! suddenly a shiny, glittery city before you.The temperature hovered around 40 C/ 104 F while we were there. It was an unusual dry heat with a slight humidity, akin to having a hair dryer blowing right into your face. The only thing you can do to combat the harshness of the heat is to drink plenty of liquids and slap ...Read More