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Laid-back Cool: Modern Japan in the South

An October 2007 trip to Fukuoka by blueskygirl

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Quote: Our four day trip to Fukuoka, the biggest city in Kyushu, Japan.

Ana Hotel Hakata

Hotel | "Lacking Something"

After Hiroshima, we also stayed at the ANA Hakata Hotel. I had done a TON of research and agonized over our hotel choices. They just reopened Oct 1, 2007 after 4 months of renovation. So that was partly the reason why we booked this hotel. But somehow, I just did not fall in love with this place. Service was good but the rooms were just so-so. I can't say what exactly it was... they were going for a bit of a modern contemporary look in the public areas which worked but the rooms were a bit disappointing. I would not stay there again. Although one nice plus is the hotel will send your luggage to the airport for you. That worked out really well for us as our flight was not until 3pm so we checked out in...Read More

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Ana Hotel Hakata
Fukuoka, Japan
092-471 7111

Loved people watching at Tenjin which is the central shopping hub in Fukuoka. Especially fun on weekends. The weekend we were there, there was also an outdoor music festival so we sat on the grass, listening to some funky Brazillian beats which was fun.We also had one of the best meals here in Tenjin in an unusual spot. At the underground mall of the Tenjin bus station. We had "tonkatsu", breaded deep fried pork. On the table, there were some sauces, black seasme seeds and a stone mortar/pistal to grind the seasme seeds. The tonkatsu served was hot and crispy on a bed of fresh shredded cabbage which you eat after the pork. We also went to Canal City one day which is an architec...Read More

Fukuoka Tower

Attraction | "Great View of the City and Interesting Building to Boot!"

Fukuoka Tower Photo, Fukuoka, Japan
Good for photo opps. A neat way to see the city. Tickets are 800yen. We spent about 1/2 hour up there. But we probably won't need to go again. But now we are home, I love the photos I took up there. It helped that it was perfectly clear day. So my advice is, skip it unless you have the perfect weather. You can also go online to their website and print off "200 Yen off" coupons. Around the corner from the Tower (next to Lawsons) is a wonderful restaurant called "Umaya". The food was fantastic. Great place for lunch after doing the sightseeing thing in and around that area. We had excellent tempura, soba noodles and ginger flavoured grilled chicken. Total bill was about 1800Yen. ...Read More

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Fukuoka Tower
2-3-26 Momochihama
Fukuoka City, Japan 814-0001

Ninth inning Photo, Fukuoka, Japan
While we were there, it was near the end of the regular season. My husband REALLY wanted to see a Japanese baseball game. So we went to the Yahoo Dome one morning around 11 o'clock and bought tickets for that evening's game. We paid about 5300 Yen per ticket and they are very good seats right between home base and first base. Lots of action!We watched Fukuoka Softbank Hawks vs. The Marinas (one of the Tokyo teams). Too bad Fukuoka lost but what a blast. It was really sweet to see the different age groups all enjoying the game. For example on one side of us, we had an older couple probably in their 70's who came out to cheer on their team. And on the other side of us, we had a family with 2...Read More

Eating Our Way Through Fukuoka

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Lovely Japanese lanterns Photo, Fukuoka, Japan
We were staying at Toyoko Inn Hakata Ekimae station. Note the map on their website is confusing. When you get to Hakata station, just ask someone. It’s literally a 2min walk but the main intersection where you come out of from the subway station is confusing. For about 7650 yen for a double room, including a free breakfast of miso soup and onigiri (the Japanese rice ball), free internet in their lobbies (although it was difficult at first navigating the Japanese computer keyboard) this place is a steal. The comforter on the bed was a bit 80’s style but the mattress was nice without being too firm. The bathroom was tiny yet spotless. A bathroom without a bathtub is a sin in Japan so you can even take a...Read More