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The Snows of Kilimanjaro - Arusha and Lake Manyara

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A September 2008 trip to Lake Manyara National Park by actonsteve

Zebras drinking a warm water bog Photo, Lake Manyara National Park, Tanzania More Photos
Quote: In the acacia desert of northern Tanzania is an area abundantly rich in game and natural wonders. From Africas highest mountain to the eden of Lake Manyara home to thousands of animals and birds. One of the most ecologically diverse places on the planet.
Lake Mayara and forest from the escarpment Photo, Lake Manyara National Park, Tanzania
This corner of northern Tanzania is dominated by one thing – the mountain of Kilimanjaro.I only saw it briefly as I was travelling from the Kenyan border down to the town of Arusha. It was visible for only five minutes before other mountains blocked it out. This part of Tanzania is full of ex-volcanoes and free-standing mountains. But Kilimanjaro is rather special. As well as featuring in Ernest Hemingway’s famous book it exemplifies Africa. Who hasn’t seen pictures of the great snow flecked cone dominate the scene with giraffe or herds of elephant in the foreground?For this is safari country par excellence. Within easy reach of the Kenyan border are the national parks of Lake...Read More

Arusha Crown

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Hotel | ""The Wild Man of Wongo" – the Arusha Crown Hotel"

Arusha Crown Photo, Lake Manyara National Park, Tanzania
Game viewing in the big reserves is fantastic but sometimes the facilities can be a little crude. A shave in freezing cold water trickling out of basic plumbing isn’t always the most appealing of prospects. So at the end of my safari I had six days of beard attached to my face. Notwithstanding curious butch pride at growing such a tickly mane – it had to come off. That was my main priority at the Arusha Crown. To their credit they didn’t bat an eyelid at me who resembled the "Wild Man of Wongo" when Iwalked up to their front desk. Probably an everyday occurrence at the Arusha Crown.It is an excellent hotel. It’s not situated in the outskirts but smack in the living working centre...Read More

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Arusha Crown
Makongoro Road
Arusha, Tanzania

The Dik Dik Photo, Lake Manyara National Park, Tanzania
Ground Zero for the tourists in Northern Tanzania is the town of Arusha. 99% of the travellers who pass through here will be here for the game parks. There are almost a hundred companies set up for you to explore these parks and after spending up to ten days in the bush Arusha becomes a beacon of civilisation surrounded by the wilds of Tanzania.It’s actually closer to Nairobi in Kenya then it is to Dar es Salaam or the sleepy capital of Dodoma. You can take the bus up from Dar es Salaam in a ten hour journey. But more likely you will come from Nairobi and take the bumpy road down to the border at Namanga. Arusha is about another two hours from there. You can also fly for about $100 f...Read More
The rare and shy Bushbuck Photo, Lake Manyara National Park, Tanzania
Ooooohhh...that felt good.You could see an elephant think this as he rubbed his backside against a scratching post.The scratching post was a simple tree trunk in the forest. It was obviously a favourite place of a small herd we encountered that included mother and baby. A young tusker was a big attraction and was throwing dust over his grey back. Elephants are so watchable – they are always interacting with each other. But all of Lake Manyara National Park has been good. I like the way it is a small corridor of land squeezed between the 300ft escarpment and the soda lake. Streams run down from the cliffs and hot springs burst from the ground and run all the way to the la...Read More
Across to the flamingoes Photo, Lake Manyara National Park, Tanzania
Have you ever heard of a Dik-Dik.?They are antelopes that are tiny – I mean barely a foot high. It looked like a toy or a mouse. Everything about this deer was miniscule – its body, legs, horns and even brown eyes which looked up at us before vanishing into the bush.As we progressed further into Lake Manyara it was the small animals which became a pleasure. We ticked them off – jackals, bush pigs, porcupines, songbirds and a klipspringer – a deer nearly as small as the Dik-Dik. Not to mention the endless Impala that were spread throughout the park in small herds sharing their space with baboons. The two seemed to have a reciprocal relationship – both watching out for predator...Read More
Proffessional Maasai photo opportunity Photo, Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya
As the crow flies Arusha is far closer to Nairobi then it is to Dar es Salaam. Therefore the majority of visitors to the ‘Northern Circuit’ of game parks fly into Nairobi and have to cross the border. There is a reciprocal tourist arrangement between Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda that if you have already a Kenyan visa then you don’t need another one when crossing back from Tanzania or Uganda. It is crossing the border and back which is the interesting part.My crossing from Kenya to TanzaniaEssentially this is no problem. I caught a shuttle bus operated by the Impala hotel in Arusha for $30. It can be pre-booked online and collects from your hotel on request. But your safar...Read More