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My One-Month Unforgettable Stay in New York City

An October 2006 trip to New York by gwynethmarta

Times Square by night Photo, New York, New York More Photos
Quote: As Frank Sinatra sang, I wanted to be a part of it. See the city that was featured in countless movies, photographs and videos. And it certainly did not disappoint me. Read about my experience in the Big Apple.

I Love New York!

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Times Square by night Photo, New York, New York
And so I bought my ticket and landed on JFK. I finally wanted to find out whether it’s true what they say about New York. I especially remembered one quote from a movie, most likely Woody Allen saying: "The true New Yorkers understand that people living anywhere else must be, in some sense, kidding". Now I can honestly say, I totally agree.During my first days in NY I could only be compared to a child in a huge candy store on Christmas. With my eyes wide opened and my head facing up I walked the streets of Manhattan absorbing everything I saw. After a few days of this huge cultural shock, when I was finally able to think straight, I started exploring this amazing city.One of th...Read More