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A November 2008 trip to New York by jnetleigougo

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Quote: When people come to visit me in NYC, each trip is different. This is record of what we did or ate..

Molly! Tour

Yankee Stadium


Yankee Stadium Tour Photo, Bronx, New York
My friend, Molly, is a huge baseball fan. She likes to visit all the stadiums whenever she visits a city. So of course we had to make a stop at the Yankee stadium...especially being the last year for the old stadium. After getting lost and wandering around looking for the right subway, we gave up and took a taxi there. When we got there, we found out a tour was about to begin. Molly was excited. We rushed to buy tickets only to find out that they were sold out. So what did we do next? We begged. We begged to the security guard to let us in. We claimed our loyalty to baseball. We might have even whined a little. He let us in with a smile. Yes, even after discovering that we are loyal fans o...Read More

Mom & Dad

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Attraction | "So Pretty...Bring your Camera!"

Brooklyn Botanic Garden Photo, Brooklyn, New York
My mom loves flowers. So when she came to visit me, I decided to take her to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. It was around the time when cherry blossoms were in bloom. Although we got the tail end of the cherry blossoms, we were still able to stroll through all the trees as the pink blossoms cover the green grass. It's definitely an art to arrange all the plants and flowers together in such a beautiful way.

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Brooklyn Botanic Garden
900 Washington Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11225